Low cost
card payments

FabPay is a payment system with low costs and no tie-in, simply pay as you go with FabPay credits. You are in full control of how much you spend. The more credits you buy the lower the cost of each payment gateway transaction.

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card payments

FabPay is Flexible !

Works if you already have a credit card deal

Works if you don't yet handle cards

card terminal

FabPay - Costs

One off setup fee of £69 + VAT
+ gateway handling fees

from 24p per payment - 8p per token

+ your merchant fees

or Customer Offer 1.14% - Credit cards
or 0.44% - Debit cards


Save money with FabPay's low cost merchant fees - 0.44% for UK Debit Cards and only 1.14% for UK Personal Credit Cards.

fabpay costs

FabPay Credits

Credits are needed to pay for the secure payment gateway. The more credits you buy the cheaper each payment will be.
Credits are purchased on a pay as you go basis and last for a year.

fabpay vs paypal

A payment gateway fee is required to secure all payments and tokens using the SagePay gateway.